MetalDevil Jawbreaker


Sometimes with cars, ‘it’s gotta get worse before it gets better’, and that means cutting. Whether that means repair and replacement, body modifications, or parts reclamation, Morse has professional cutting tools for the job. For linear cutting, Morse bi-metal reciprocating blades, including air saw blades, carbide tipped recip blades, jig saw blades, and Metal Devil metal cutting circular saws & blades are industry leaders. When it comes to making holes for body modification, we’ve got that covered too. The new advanced bi-metal hole saw from Morse joins a group of top performing hole cutting tools including; carbide tipped hole cutters, step drills and carbide tipped or diamond grit hole saws.


Auto repair/bodywork, customization, reclamation, recycling.


M. K. Morse - 1101 Eleventh Street SE Canton, OH USA 44707