MetalDevil Jawbreaker


When lives are on the line, only the best will do. These are the blades preferred by professional firefighters who know they can count on Morse. Fire and Rescue recip blades from M. K. Morse are bimetal with a long lasting cutting edge and are thicker than most blades to prevent bending and pinching. The wavy tooth set means the blades can cut more smoothly through a variety of materials without binding and still cut quickly. Morse Metal Devil metal cutting circular saws and blades offer fast, clean cutting of door posts, hoods and trunks for vehicle extraction without the need of hydraulic hoses. They’ve even been shown to be able to open the roof of a van in fifteen seconds. They also provide a quick, portable solution for entry points through security bars or roll-up doors.



M. K. Morse - 1101 Eleventh Street SE Canton, OH USA 44707