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Tej Mavuleti, marketing research analyst, and Sekhar Rakurty, senior research engineer, have co-authored a research paper that will appear in the Decision Analytics Journal 2023.

“A Review of Analytics Models and Applications in Sustainable Manufacturing” explores the intersection of business analytics and sustainable manufacturing, shedding light on innovative models and strategies to drive environmental responsibility when enhancing operational efficiency.

The Decision Analytics Journal is a form for exchange of research findings, analysis, information, and knowledge in areas including predictive modeling, simulation modeling, optimization modeling, prescriptive methods, and business intelligence.

The research paper delves into an array of analytics approaches. Sustainability in manufacturing can be summarized as reducing the resources needed to produce, improving the product quality, thereby extending the product life, reducing defective products, etc.

In the literature, analytical models such as regression analysis, time series analysis, decision tree analysis, neural networks, Monte Carlo simulation, etc., are used to better understand and improve the manufacturing process, specifically from the viewpoint of sustainability. Researchers have used analytical modeling to analyze the carbon footprint – life cycle management, renewable energy optimization, sustainable product design, sustainable supply chain, green marketing, and resource optimization.

“In this study, we did a literature review, analyzed, and finally provided suggestions for future research, along with a roadmap for the manufacturers to utilize analytical models to improve sustainability,” Mavuleti said.

The findings underscore the importance of data-driven decision-making in mitigating environmental impact. The insights shared in this paper will serve as a guiding compass for Morse’s ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices.

“I’m excited to begin conversations on how the insights from this research can be integrated into our marketing strategies, demonstrating our company’s dedication to effective operations and a greener future,” Mavuleti said.

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