Morse Revolution blades are high performance circular saw blades specifically engineered for use with thin kerf metal cutting industrial circular saw machines. They are often used in steel service centers, steel forging plants, automotive plants and bearing manufacturers. Two types of blades are offered: Revolution FS blades are optimized for cutting solid bars of low to medium alloy carbon steels, while the carbide tipped blades are designed for high alloy steels, stainless steels and aluminum cutting. Both types are made for cutting solids from 1/2 to 6 inches depending on machine model and blade diameter.


Fast cutting - Increased production

Extreme long life - Fewer changeovers/Less downtime

Ultra-square cuts

Superior finish - Reduced secondary operations

Thin Kerf - Less material waste/Increased parts




Carbon steels, High alloy steels, Stainless steel, Aluminum


Part # Description Model # Diameter Teeth Per Inch Qty/Pkg
201520 IND.CIRC BLADE 360 X100T STEEL ICNT360100SB-BOX--OB 360mm / 360mm 100 1/BOX
201513 IND.CIRC BLADE 360 X 80T STEEL ICNT36080SB-BOX--OB 360mm / 360mm 80 1/BOX
201568 IND.CIRC BLADE 285 X100T STEEL ICTNK285100SB-BOX--OB 285mm / 285mm 100 1/BOX
200349 420MM X 60T REVOLUTION STEEL ICTS42060SB-BOX--OB 420mm / 420mm 60 1/BOX


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