Tech Tip: Cutting Bundles

Articles, Industrial

Bundle cutting of various solids and structural shapes can be one of the most challenging applications for band sawing.

Irregular size, shape, and surfaces of materials can result in loose bundles and spinning parts, increasing the opportunity for premature blade failure and machine damage. Properly positioning and securing the bundle will provide the best opportunity for successful cutting.

Some band saw machines have been specifically designed for bundle cutting and are equipped with both a side and a top hold down vice to aid in holding the material secure during the cutting operation. For those types of machines, the bundle needs to be stacked so that when the top hold down vice is engaged, the pressure being applied is equally distributed across the entire width of the bundle.

The advantage of having both vices is that the material can be stacked in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Some band saw machines are only equipped with side vices, requiring special positioning and securing methods. For these machines, adding banding, clamping, or tack welding the ends of the material will provide holding support.

Orient bundle pieces so that the holding pressure of the side vices is evenly distributed across the entire height of the bundle. Avoid stacking material in the vertical orientation.

Regardless the type of machine that is being used, materials should be evenly stacked and tightly bound. The best stack or bundle of material is the one that has the fewest, smallest gaps between pieces.

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