Tech Tip: Prevent out-of-square cuts

Articles, Industrial

By Matt Morelli, Morse Engineer

In nearly all industrial cutting projects, precision is key. So preventing or quickly diagnosing out-of-square cuts is important.

On an industrial circular saw machine, blade guides help stabilize the blade on either side as it passes through the material being cut, allowing for accurate cutting results. If you notice or suspect you are getting out-of-square cuts, try the following trick.

Use Dykem, or a similar paint marker, to color the blade guides. After running the blade during a cut, take a look at the blade guides. If you notice that the Dykem is worn off on any of the guides, it means the blade is not cutting square.

Chips could be building up between the bar and the vice, or the bar feeding into the saw could be bent. Assess your machine and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure square cuts moving forward.

Want to see this trick in action? Watch here.